Services, products and ideas to help you find balance and understand how you fit in this world. 

“Any man could, if he were so inclined, be the sculptor of his own brain.” 

― Santiago Ramon y Cajal



A Well-Worn Groove

Our brains are wired the way they are due to our exposure and experience. When a habit or belief is formed, it creates a neural pathway, or groove in our brain, that allows us to perform those actions more efficiently.


When you feel lost or stuck in your life, it's because you've set a groove in your brain that no longer serves you. Through the use of music, art, essential oils and therapeutic touch I can help teach you how to break your old patterns long enough for you to create new ones. 

It isn't easy work, but the result are worth it.

Over the past 13+ years I have worked on combining things that I love together into a flexible modality. With the use of custom music art and essential oils, and an intimate knowledge of Chakras and Reiki, I have designed some services that can help you explore who you are and what, in your life, brings the most happiness. 


Currently focused on the relationship of Art and Music, I utilizes my experience to explore and express the intricate balance of the pain and joy we all endure in this world and I hope to aid others in finding the honest truth within their own work.


Creation is one of the most important activities to manifest your dreams in life. When you are clear with your goals and you take action to focus on the end result then m...
Painting Your Dreams
Started Dec 14, 2019

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